Theresa Lee

Feels Like Home

Film, 2020

'Feels like Home' consists of a short video and accompanying images. The video amalgamates experiences and emotions of Theresa and her friends. Exploring the changes in lifestyle brought by the pandemic, Theresa asks to take a look into the positives and sources of comfort each person finds during this unusual and stressful time. Overlayed by extracts from the book 'The Wizard of Oz', she invites the audience to reflect upon their own experiences of finding solace and grounding oneself. The images alongside shed a more personal experience of Theresa's, as she details lessons she had learnt during this unusual time. This is presented as collaged images that bleed her quarantine life with that of friends', connecting and comforting her in the space of her room and apartment. Just like Dorothy, we all are trying to find our way home metaphorically and physically. In many ways, even if unable to experience our "normal lives"; 'Feels like Home' reminds us of our own pair of silver shoes that draw us back to our 'home'.

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