Maxine Chen

Abstract Spaces for Your Soul

Digital Drawing, 2020

This project is about the relations between our shelter (home) and our spiritual feelings. I believe a home is a place that embraces the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ of us. ‘Home’ should be a place where people can feel safe and be themselves. Three abstract digital drawings were made for this project based on three collages. The idea of using different geometries indicated the idea of ‘spaces’. Colours were selected from the original collage pieces.

1-Rooms for Activity.png

‘Rooms for Activities’

Inspired by the kitchen of ‘The Johnstone Collection Museum’ and my friend’s bathroom. Light green was applied in these two spaces, and I am absolutely into this colour. Therefore, green was used quite a lot in this piece. The shapes were extracted and deformed from my original collage piece with the same topic.

2-Rooms for Rest.png

'Rooms for Rest'


What is the bedroom for you? For most people, a bedroom is a place where they spend the most time in a day. A good and comfortable resting space is necessary for us. Based on my original collage, different pinks were applied in my collage repetitively. Thus, the colour pink became the theme colour for ‘Rooms for Rest’.

3-Rooms for Entertainment.png

'Rooms for Entertainment'

The fireplace is the first thing that comes to my mind when people mention ‘living room’ to me. Moreover, rooms containing a television, speaker, or x-box, can be considered as room for entertainment. This abstract drawing was made from the idea of combining the colours and shapes of a fireplace and wooden furniture.