iokzi is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Macau. Her works vary from two-dimensional to sculptural pieces, mostly in the form of mixed media and installations. Exploring a diversity of themes on the self and being, she tends to create poetic pieces with an emphasis on symbols and motifs that flow across her body of works. She has participated in several performance projects and soundscape designs based in Melbourne. Recently, her work is exhibited in Brunswick Street Gallery.

IG  |  @iamiokzi

Theresa Lee is a graphics and UI designer studying at UoM. She enjoys exploring abstract and laidback expressive pieces, whilst experimenting with visual and aural methods of communicating feelings. Inspired by people and scenarios around her, she sheds light on details or aspects not usually considered in passing. Her work entertains ideas of emotion and pace with both choppy imagery and the exploration of texture in both images and sound.

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Maxine Chen is an artist and designer who is passionate in exploring themes on humanity and culture. She started her art journey as a fashion designer, and later transferred to costume, sculptural objects, and album cover designs. She has worked on costume designs for Four Letter Word Theatre group, Mudfest in University of Melbourne, as well as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Currently, she is seeking a place in the world of fine art.

IG  |  @madeby_maxine

Axel Zeus Famtan is a filmmaker currently based in Melbourne and taking an Undergraduate degree in Media in RMIT. His works are made primarily through instinct - he likes finding the strange and small details from everyday life, as well as the links in between which would form a narrative or a film.